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As a Structural and Civil Engineering company, SSD&D provides facilities for design and detailing for projects across the country. We are a reliable and an honest company named Stable Structure Design and Details based in USA. We aim to make valuable and dependable structural engineering designs and details of different kinds. Our work ranges from site, bridges, retaining wall, reinforced concrete and other construction works. The owner of the company is Hemayattullah Obaidi and you can contact at (469) 265- 1379 for inquiries. The structure initiated, design, and implementation are what we do to work with clear details on our valuable projects. Once we get the description, we offer our services at cheap and affordable cost to fulfil our client’s desires and requirements. We believe in honesty and 100% accuracy when we work on our tasks assigned through our clients to meet their satisfaction level.

We can be your guide and a source for building your commercial and private houses. Providing support for construction companies, we do the detailing for homes and we carry out all the given tasks in proper order. Aiming to provide you services, we are the pioneers in Civil Engineering structural design projects to initiate and complete the projects with 100% Fulfillment.


Structure Design Services

We make the structure design as the first thing in the construction of high rise commercial and private buildings. We carry out our work first before commencing with the construction of this building. We make the structure with steel beams and connect one floor to another to meet the requirements of the building.The first thing we make sure is to rely on accuracy, clear details, and descriptions to confirm the progress of the project. The engineers we have at work draw images such as structural design and technical diagrams from the initiation to completion of the project.

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Bridge Design and Detailing Services

This kind of detailing is an integral aspect of structural engineering used in bridge construction. Our truss bridge design is a complicated layout which is made over rivers and mountainous areas. We make the process done with the expertise of our engineers and designers so the resultant projects turn out positive. We are equipped with a professionally skilled staff and we make the architectural layout and provide it to the construction company or civil engineering institution. Our significant focus is mainly on structural design and detailing which is the basic foundation of how the bridge is developed. The process ends at the completion of a well-built bridge.

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Retaining Wall Structural Design Services

This structure is meant to resist the pressure of the soil in garden projects also other location designs have a similar kind of implementation in it. We construct using different kinds of materials that is less costly and more reliable for the construction. Our design of the retaining wall is on one side of the construction project and requires completion for the structure to look attractive. Some walls we make are constructed of high-quality concrete as we want to make ideal structural detailing that suits the project with use of our expertise. We build retaining walls at cheap costs and keep it affordable for our clients.

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Reinforced Concrete Structural Design Detailing

This is the main designing process that we implement in heavy structures or buildings. It resists heavy loads in larger building structures to complete as the construction requirement. We make the concrete reinforced structural design for the base of the building or the foundation. Our reinforced concrete is also durable and the most consistent part of the building or structure in construction. We make the reinforced concrete so that when the building is demolished the steel bars are recovered from it and reused which means that the steel used in the reinforced concrete structure can be recycled.

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What do people say about us?

  • Customer 2

    “My Civil Engineering project was beyond perfection and I was truly amazed when I was going through the process and saw the result. I am happy with the level of hard work and dedication they put in the design and details. I want to rank the project 10/10 as of now and appreciate the responsiveness I was given.”

    John Callaghan
  • Customer 1

    “I got the structural design and detailing project taken from this company SSD&D, I was truly happy and I would like to highly recommend the company to you as well. I am grateful to the Hemayatullah Obaidi and his company’s staff who supported me from the beginning till the end.”

    Matt Views

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